Sound Of Trees

by Since Our First Guitar

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self-released 2009


released November 1, 2009

written, arranged & produced by since our first guitar
recorded at discrete motion recordings
mixed by wallentin richardson
mastered by mattias persson



all rights reserved


Since Our First Guitar Sweden

Interesting pop.

Since Our First Guitar:
Erik Sunding
Niklas Björk
Wallentin Richardsson
Fredrik Ehrstedt

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Track Name: Mathematician
Turn the page to post-pone the day when you'll face the fact she left you for the train her dentist plans just came in the way flouride vs friends i guess we'll never see her again i'd like to tell you things but i can't express myself in numbers every word comes out so cold and you won't be listening to nothing but x and y:s and variables since math is the only thing that you seem to care about these days so i will try to write you an equation that takes you back three years in time and you wil laugh saying math can't bring the past back and i will ask why you're studying?
Track Name: In the night
in the night when the doors are shut and the lights are out i will try not to think too much not to build you up a castle in the night when my friends are sound asleep to the broken social scene i still taste the wine feeling sorry for yself yet another time so i close my eyes and i'll keep busy dressing you up in clothes that suits you better i dream of your love letters and you knocking on my door and it's been the ruin for many poor boys casue it's such a great relief to be living in a dream soon they'll wake up to find that noone can measure up to all their high hopes of true love they got nothing but blue eyes they'll find themselves at the bottom of the ocean i got nohing to lose and there is no time to waste being safe no words to be found when i'm lying awake twisting and turning every possible phrase i call for the end of thins constant planning to get back there again and leave these doubts where i found them i call for the end ut as soon as it gets down to dust i'll excue myself and go i'm a fucking joke to lie here just waiting for something waiting for something to begin
Track Name: Donnie Darko
i've been digging holes all over town trying to find what's missing and all the lazy gardeners they scream and they shout cause i broke all their flowers and ruined their springtime despite years underground i can't seem to find what's missing the cellar door donnie told me about seems to be only in the movie
Track Name: Lock,load, launch!!
I told snowflakes –”force the bus to cancel it´s last take-off!!” leaving me no other way than ice-skating in a rush returning what I forgot words I never dared to say I was Hugh Grant knocking doors Edward Cullen in the three tops I was sure if I could only get the cue then I would tell you what I´m doing throwing snowballs at your window when the lights are out and you´re sleeping I know I´m such a drama queen but that´s waht it takes I need to cause a scene that I can´t escape when the script´s been made I´m a painter with a tiny frame like a train stuck in tracks I knew that when I lock and load and launch I will have lost my chance to take it back.
Track Name: Something About Airplanes
I caught fire watching her point out the exits inflating the vest I thought I would be needing soon dead-drunk pilots taking risks the autopilot chasing kicks no not even the first class tax-free shopping pulled it off or the twenty armed guards in pis-stripe suits could stop me from thinking about everything that could be failing while we´re in the air these wings will break there will be no other way than crashing down to the sound of her excuses as she leaves me on the ground I can´t seem to find how to let go if she never says a word to me at least she will never say no and I can say the only thing keeping me afloat these plans are all what´s left expect this restlessness it´s been so long since I felt great this is my suit to love and hate.
Track Name: Keeping Secrets, losing friends
I guess that it´s time to call this the end leave our apartment behind the box full of lies kept under your bed is a letter explaining why of course I have heard about the monsters down there but I never quite trusted that story because when I opened my eyes there was nothing to fear but these photos will haunt me for years.
Track Name: Science is nonsense
I think Einstein needs revision and all you experts need to listen ”throw your notes out and burn your books!” I call for a chand of our perspective we´re stuck in the archives as it is what if Newton got it wrong rushed to conclusions and nailed us to the ground with every fact you´ll find a frame and every figure forms a fence.
Track Name: Language
polaroid pictures in black and white on display above my bed memories taking up all my time thinking of the things she said so it’s time to make a change to rearrange things round here three long years spent by the fireplace in hot pursuit of past events three long years of cursing that crucial phrase repeating you’ll go i think i’ll stay what if i just can't describe my every emotion it’s like i’m dead inside always the same but what is a feeling if you take away it’s name i speculate words might be more than things we say they might be the key to feelings hand cuffed lost under piles of memories how you set them free your every word explodes inside and i have finally found what love feels like
Track Name: Love, leaves
there’s no sound of trees yet i can hear them speak they whisper in the wind it’s their way of traveling far to escape this place where the tick tacks seem to go tick tack tick tack for years i climbed those trees told the bransches of my dreams ”she’ll be leaving on a train” just to hear them say” what’s the point of going places looking perfect from far away” so i will ask if you can stay to watch the changing of the seasons with me let the clockwork pass out on the couch finally i will ask why you must leave to find that hole in your puzzle the last missing piece there’s no truth to find no place or time and i should have guessed you always give in to your restlessness i did my best on ”do you ant me to stay here?” i voted yes, and that is all there is in the end i’ll send you words in the wind listen close to the trees and they’ll sing